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Workshop Inclusive Communication. To do or not to do: essential insights.

Finally! No need to wait for a specific date or register and hope you’ll be available: the training on Inclusive Communication is online now and ready for you to attend. What can you expect from this training? Let me give you a clear idea of the content:

Part 1
Why inclusive communication? The first part is centered around movements in our society and why they made inclusive communication an essential skills for professionals. After this first part, you’ll be convinced of its value and ready to go to the next level.

Part 2
What is inclusive communication? You learn all about the principles of inclusion and the do’s and don’ts on communicating towards a diverse audience. Illustrated by real life examples and cases, you’ll leave this part packed with new insights and perspectives.

Part 3
How do you get started? I can’t leave you without a little homework now, can I? This last part focuses on things you can do to take your first steps towards inclusive adventures. This is not a training to follow and forget, it’s one that wants to inspire you to take action.

The training consists of a video of 1h40min. After registering, you will have individual access to the video for 3 months. So register now for €124 and watch wherever and whenever you want.

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