About me

Back to the past, but only briefly. Because future is calling.

I was born in 1992, graduated at the University of Antwerp as a Master in Strategic Communication. I was passionate about the creative industry, but at the same time flabbergasted by the lack of diversity in the industry. My mission to build a more inclusive society led me towards the entrepreneurship.

I developed a firm vision on marketing and communication in a super diverse world and convinced customers like Brussels Airport, Telenet, KRO-NVRC and BNP Paribas. Very special moment: I landed on Forbes’ 30under30-list for these innovative strategies.

Anno 2020, during the first lockdown, I launched my podcast Wat Zij Wil, where I interviewed the most inspiring female entrepreneurs. A new challenge so enriching, that in the beginning of 2021 the second season went live. This same year, my new podcast All Things Inclusive got to live, with focus on sharing knowledge and expertise related to diversity and inclusion. Small taste? Here you go with the intro.

And isn’t standing still for trees? As I wanted to fulfill my mission of getting inclusion on everyone’s priority list, I started my own agency Inclusified. I support strategically organizations and companies who are dying (not literally) to become familiar with the wonderful world of diversity and inclusivity.

Regularly, I teach Communication Strategies at the Odisee Hogeschool, trying to contaminate graduate students Marketing and Communication Support with my passion for inclusive communication. Besides quite a lot of public speaking, I became an Independent Board Member at Flanders Investment & Trade and the vice president of the Belgian Association of Marketing.

And last but not least, I wrote my first book Inclusieve Communicatie (Pelckmans) in 2021, that really feels like my paper baby.

If there’s still some time for me-time? Oh yeah, there is. It’s all about good planning combining with the right choices. And having a devoted husband helps too.