Inclusieve Communicatie by me, Hanan.

The least I can say about 2021, is that it was a year with quite some thrills, dazzling challenges, crossed business boundaries and the greatest personal happiness ever.

My book most certainly was an important and a bit of a sentimental achievement. I wanted to make valuable information on inclusive communication accessible to an audience as large as possible. I hope it may be a trustworthy guide through the sometimes-bumpy landscape of inclusive communication. It’s not about the creation of all round, vague messages. It’s about detecting the diversity of your target group, respecting its differences, and embracing the similarities.

My book explains strategic approaches for companies and brands to explore the potential of an ‘unknown’ audience and still stay relevant. Magic words for success? Authenticity, courage, and transparency, and you’re off for a fantastic inclusive trip.

Impatient to learn more? You’re only one click away from inviting Inclusieve Communicatie into your life.

‘A book that anyone involved in communication on a professional level should read. Clear and very practical.’ — Minister Sven Gatz