An empowering podcast on how inclusion can improve so many lives.

Well, guess what. Society is showing more and more diversity every day. Companies and brands are racking their brains on how to efficiently implement this positive phenomenon into their daily way of working. This podcast helps CEO’s, managers, marketeers, HR-professionals – and every other inclusion fan – to walk the fascinating path of inclusive communication.

‘When people start to recognize themselves in your message, you create more than a once-off connection. You plant the seed of long-lasting loyalty in every way.’

This podcast is about looking at diversity and inclusion from many different angles. Sometimes you only hear me, myself and I; off and on I will be flanked by experts, old friends and unexperienced companies, eagerly to dive into the topic. I promise you episodes about the basics of inclusion, others will lead you through the curious world of strategies and campaigns. In any way, sharing expertise always will result into brighter and broader insights for everyone.